Hi! Here are some gift ideas for myself and Chester. 


Kano Pixel Kit
Kano Computer Kit
Anything else from Kano... it's all pretty cool. 
Chemistry FLUXX
100 Steps for Science
Nintendo Switch
Any of the Lemony Snicket All the Wrong Questions books, except the first one (Who Could That Be at This Hour?)
Deep Sea Adventure
Most of these things were selected by Chester from the gift guide from a family website called The Kid Should See This. There's lots of cool stuff there. 

Fishing lures are always appropriate.

Also the kid wants to play the drums. Maybe something like this

I ask that if you get him any of these things, email me so I don't get them too. 

St. John 

Blackwing pencils
Nice argyle socks
Enamel bowls with blue trim like these (but they don't have to be those)

A brown leather belt with a big brass buckle. 
New running shoes, size 12


This Filson backpack.
Custom shirts from Proper Cloth.
A tweed suit! :)