Light a Brandy and Curse the Darkness

Imbibe, Nov/Dec 2017

A story I've always wanted to write, in which I explore the connection between pre-Christian solstice fire rituals and flaming Christmas drinks.


Is Japanese Gin the Next Big Thing?

PUNCH, November 2017

Having garnered global acclaim for their whiskies, Japanese distillers are now looking to master gin. 


The Best American Apple Brandies

Men's journal, november 2017

It’s the U.S.’s original spirit, and thanks to heirloom apples being grown in every part of the country, it’s making a big comeback. So why aren’t you drinking it? 

Photograph by Reed Young

Photograph by Reed Young

The Wine Guy: How to Drink Like a Pro

Men's journal, 2017

"Curiosity and discovery — that's my reward loop," he says. "We should be happy to stumble onto ecstasy rather than worrying if we get it right. All that matters about it is that it's just fucking delicious. Wine is nothing to get stressed out about."